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This page lists and provides links to the MCRs that have been published since the Multics simulator revived Multics development.

MCR Number Author Title Status Date of MCR
MCR10000 Eric Swenson Allow load_fnp_to load old/new images MR12.6 2016-01-05
MCR10001 Eric Swenson Don't crash appears to be fast of slow MR12.6 2016-01-05
MCR10002 Eric Swenson Fix ALM Buffer Overrun MR12.6 2016-01-05
MCR10003 Eric Swenson Fix Support for 4-Character Time Zones MR12.6 2016-01-05
MCR10004 Eric Swenson Add trace_error_halt_ to bound_trace_ MR12.6 2016-01-05
MCR10005 Eric Swenson Fix lib_fetch_ to Terminate Segments Initiated by It MR12.6 2016-01-15
MCR10006 Eric Swenson Fix history_comment to use 4-digit years and Update 2-digit hcoms without thinking they are in the past MR12.6 2016-02-23
MCR10007 Eric Swenson Fix to set appropriate access on logs MR12.6 2016-02-23
MCR10008 Eric Swenson Fix map355 to not access variables before setting them MR12.6 2016-02-23
MCR10009 Eric Swenson Fix more errors due to non-support of 4-character time zones MR12.6 2016-02-24
MCR10010 Eric Swenson Fix acquire_resource and register_resource error message formatting MR12.6 2016-03-31
MCR10011 Eric Swenson Fix object_lib_ to terminate segments it initiates MR12.6 2016-04-01
MCR10012 Eric Swenson Fix damaged source archives from ACTC tape MR12.6 2016-04-15
MCR10013 Gary Dixon Add input_history command MR12.6f 2016-05-21
MCR10014 Gary Dixon Add call command MR12.6f 2016-12-26
MCR10015 Eric Swenson Fix Emacs make-wall-chart date MR12.6f 2016-12-26
MCR10016 Eric Swenson Fix incorrect comment in mc.incl.alm MR12.6f 2016-12-26
MCR10017 Eric Swenson Fix typo in withdrawn 2016-12-26
MCR10018 Eric Swenson Fix typo in MR12.6f 2016-12-26
MCR10019 Eric Swenson Fix typo in MR12.6f 2016-12-26
MCR10020 Eric Swenson Fix typo in MR12.6f 2016-12-26
MCR10021 Eric Swenson Fix alignment in kst_attributes.incl.pl1 MR12.6f 2016-12-28
MCR10022 Charles Anthony Fix pcref to locate entries it currently misses MR12.6f 2016-12-29
MCR10023 Charles Anthony Fix pl1_version.cds time zone reference MR12.6f 2016-12-29
MCR10024 Charles Anthony Fix pascal_operators_$return_zero replaced by MCR10025 2017-01-02
MCR10025 Gary Dixon Fix pascal_operators_$return_zero and cu_$arg_ptr MR12.6f 2017-01-08
MCR10026 Daiyu Hurst Fix spelling error in poll_mpc.pl1 MR12.6f 2017-01-10
MCR10027 Daiyu Hurst Fix spelling error in dm_per_system_.pl1 MR12.6f 2017-01-10
MCR10028 Eric Swenson Remove spurious characters from source that prevent compilation MR12.6f 2017-01-19
MCR10029 Eric Swenson Fix issue with cat_op module of Pl/1 compiler that breaks bitstring concatenation MR12.6f 2017-01-28
MCR10030 Gary Dixon interpret_ptr_ Return Data Repairs MR12.6f 2017-02-18
MCR10031 Gary Dixon Command/AF/Subroutine Interface to interpret_ptr_ MR12.6f 2017-02-18
MCR10032 Gary Dixon Repair loop in input_history attach MR12.6f 2017-02-19
MCR10033 Eric Swenson Add two new TTF entries MR12.6f 2017-02-19
MCR10034 Gary Dixon library_pathname Enhancements MR12.6f 2017-02-23
MCR10035 Gary Dixon Enhance probe’s format_pointer_ Subroutine MR12.6f 2017-02-24
MCR10036 Gary Dixon cv_ptr_ virtual_ptr to Ring 0 Segment MR12.6f 2017-02-24
MCR10037 Gary Dixon system_startup_ MR12.6g 2018-01-10
MCR10038 Eric Swenson GB60 Errata MR12.6g 2018-01-12
MCR10039 Eric Swenson Fixes to various info segments MR12.6g 2018-01-12
MCR10040 Eric Swenson Fix >t> "x repair" MR12.6g 2018-01-12
MCR10041 Eric Swenson Fix boot_delta CLOK card handling MR12.6g 2018-01-12
MCR10042 Eric Swenson Fix billing programs' 20th century bias MR12.6g 2018-01-16
MCR10043 Eric Swenson Improve >t> MR12.6g 2018-01-16
MCR10044 Eric Swenson Fix edit_proj's handling of cutoff MR12.6g 2018-01-17
MCR10045 Eric Swenson Fix >t>'s "x vcons" command MR12.6g 2018-01-17
MCR10046 Eric Swenson Add as addname on MR12.6g 2018-01-17
MCR10047 Eric Swenson Fix vtocx_to_record to work on 3381s MR12.6g 2018-01-17
MCR10048 Eric Swenson Add volume pool support to hierarchy backup commands 2018-08-19
MCR10049 Gary Dixon Kermit buffer overrun fix MR12.6g 2018-05-27
MCR10051 Eric Swenson Update (status date) Lisp Function to Handle 4-Digit Years MR12.6g 2018-08-17