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The purpose of this wiki is to provide information to users wishing to run Multics under the DPS8M emulator. While other resources exist on both the subject of Multics and the DPS8M emulator, this Wiki focuses specifically on how to install the emulator and Multics on your machine, how to configure it and administer it, and then how to use it. It differs from the DPS8M-related sites whose focus of attention is on the emulator itself, and from the Multics-related sites, which provide historical, informational, nostalgic, etc. background on Multics. Where appropriate, this site links to those other sites rather than duplicate information.

Latest Release

MR12.6e was released on 04/17/2016. You can find the tapes and Software Release Bulletin/Software Installation Bulletin here: You can find a QuickStart for MR12.6e here:, but only use it if you don't already have a Multics system. If you do, then ignore the QuickStart and upgrade your system as described below.

Multics Resources