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The latest Multics release is MR12.6f. This release was produced by the DPS8M development team and is built on the last Multics release from Honeywell/Bull (MR12.5). At the time Multics was discontinued, support for Multics was being provided by ACTC (aka CGI, Perigon). Unreleased software, including partial Y2K fixes, existed on ACTC's Multics system. This software, along with other Multics sources/objects/executables that was not part of the standard Multics release, was captured in a set of tapes made available by Bull when Multics sources made available to the public in July 2000. Much of this software was incorporated into the MR12.6f release.

In addition, MR12.6f includes some fixes made by the DPS8M development team. Details of the release can be found in the release notes.

In progress'

Major Software Components in Multics

The following lists some of the major software components available in MR12.6f:


Database Management

  • MRDS
  • Linus


  • Probe
  • Debug

Text Processors

  • compose
  • runoff

Text Editors