Upgrading to MR12.6e

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To upgrade an existing MR12.6d (or 12.6c) system to MR12.6e, follow these instructions:

The GIT repo for the above INI files (and others) is located here: https://sourceforge.net/p/dps8m/multics/ci/master/tree/dps8m/

  • Make a copy of your existing system (do not upgrade an existing system in-place). You can do this by copying your existing Multics directory to another directory.
  • Copy the 4 tapes and the three INI files above into your new Multics directory.
  • Perform the upgrade by executing the following command line:
./dps8 MR12.6_to_MR12.6e_upgrade.ini

And once you have the upgraded system, you can boot it with:

./dps8 MR12.6e_boot.ini